QuantoPay is set to launch in the Middle East in 2022

November 25, 2021

First Global Blockchain Bank

QuantoPay, the 1st Blockchain Banking Platform, is set to launch in the Middle East in 2022, after the successful launch in Europe, UK , US & Latin America!

We aim to become the world's first global blockchain mobile bank that provides fintech solutions for everyone, giving users the freedom to spend, earn, save, &transfer money through their smartphones.”
— Dr. Alexander Brexendorff
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- QuantoPay, the Mobile-Only Digital and Blockchain Banking Platform of the Future, is set to launch in the Middle Eastern market in 2022, after the successful launch of its second-generation fintech solution challenger bank in Europe and the UK in January 2022, and the US and Latin America throughout 2022. QuantoPay is currently in talks with some of the major financial players of the region, including Dubai Future Foundation, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Qatar Development Bank, to provide the best, cheapest and most sustainable fintech services to the community.

QuantoPay has a dedicated team of fintech and blockchain experts from all over the globe, who are constantly innovating and endeavoring to serve customers better. Just recently, Mikhail Savchenko, former CTO at Chrono.Tech and TimeX, has joined the QuantoPay team as the main advisor for its blockchain and DeFi solutions. QuantoPay has also entered in a strategic cooperation with the Australian and Russia-based Chrono.Tech and TimeX team. Their technical expertise and experience will substantially boost the potential of QuantoPay’s global fintech and blockchain team, and will facilitate QuantoPay’s migration from the Waves Protocol to the Binance Smart Chain. This migration will provide customers an upgraded, faster and cheaper platform, and will also, eventually, enable the shift to the long-awaited Ethereum 2. It will also give Quantocoin Token holders the ability to trade their tokens on various regulated exchanges like TimeX and Binance.

QuantoPay is aiming to become the world's first global digital and blockchain mobile-only bank which provides fintech solutions for everyone, giving users the freedom to spend, earn, save, and transfer money through their smartphones securely. Through its WECARE project, QuantoPay also gives back to and cares about the community.

Through its collaboration with various global players, such as VISA, Contis, Currencycloud, Rheinmetall International Services and Mazars, QuantoPay will be able to guarantee its customers secure, state-of-the-art, next-generation financial services solutions, while adhering to all applicable regulations, fully respecting privacy rules and not selling personal data to third parties.

Since its foundation in 2017, QuantoPay is aiming to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions in everyday life. As a revolutionary blockchain platform, Quantopay strongly believes that these solutions will eventually play a significant role in outbound payments, as it enables users to send cheap, secure and fast remittances across the globe straight from their mobile devices.

Digital currency is the future of money. A firm believer in financial inclusion, QuantoPay aims to facilitate people around the globe who have inadequate or overpriced access to financial services. It believes in educating, in particular, young people about financial systems, payments, and the general management of money through the QuantoPay Financial Education Program. The program is supported by one of the luminaries of digital education, President of the Didacta Association of the German Education Industry and the World Didac Association, Prof. Dr. mult. Wassilios E. Fthenakis.

QuantoPay offers financial and banking tools that provide its users with immediate liquidity and currency functionality. It provides solutions that are better, faster and cheaper than the traditional banking system and the handful of serious competitors. By expanding to unserved regions in Africa and Asia, in the near future, QuantoPay will provide a way out of poverty for billions of people, while expanding the global digital economy.

“WE at QuantoPay CARE about healthy financial inclusion and education, which is aiming to stop the questionable methods of the traditional financial system and even some new players of the fintech industry. QuantoPay will virtually GIVE BACK to its community, with fully transparent distribution of generated profits into sustainable, environmental, child, animal, art and sport related projects - WECARE."

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