Cloud-based NEMT Scheduling Software Company Secures $2 Million Seed Funding

October 14, 2021

Tobi Cloud, a cutting-edge non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) software company, is set to grow thanks to an investment from Allison Wood Ventures.

HUDSON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 / -- Allison Wood Ventures has made a $2 million investment in Tobi Cloud's innovative NEMT software platform. Tobi Cloud provides software that provides a one-stop-shop for all dispatch, scheduling, account management, and compliance requirements. Their ground-breaking software offers multi-fleet, sophisticated price modeling, auto-scheduling, attestation, billing, claims, and more. This seed funding will catapult Tobi Cloud to the forefront of specialized transportation technology that enhances mobility and access for all.

Tobi Cloud improves fleet efficiency and service quality with real-time GPS monitoring and vehicle trip status tracking. The operations platform seamlessly routes individual and multi-load trips from a single view to optimize routes on a real-time or preplanned basis. The result is better outcomes and appointment adherence for passengers while reducing operating costs for fleets and payers.

Tobi Cloud focuses on providing robust APIs with configurable webhooks to efficiently integrate with brokers, payers, providers, and partner software solutions to create a transportation ecosystem that solves the complex challenges stakeholders have been waiting for a long time.

Tobi Cloud allows fleets to attest their trips instantly to brokers for remuneration. As a result, they get paid more quickly and precisely. Meanwhile, Tobi Cloud NEMT Software keeps track of accounts receivable and generates invoices, claims, and statements.

Tobi Cloud will enable facilities, patients, clients, accounts, or anybody else to schedule, track, pay, and confirm their transports with intuitive web portals. And they can work with any partner, provider, collaborator, customer, client, vendor, or system thanks to their well-documented and open API.

When Allison Wood Ventures met with the Tobi Cloud team, they realized right away how their platform, Tobi Cloud, would help NEMT providers—and the patients who rely on them. In collaboration with the Tobi Cloud team, which has extensive technology experience, they developed a dispatch and logistics solution tailored to the unique needs of NEMT providers.

About Tobi Cloud – Hudson, Ohio, is the home of Tobi Cloud. Their Tobi Cloud NEMT software serves as a one-stop-shop for all dispatching and scheduling needs. Tobi Cloud NEMT Software provides transportation and business analytics. Their revolutionary software, which is renowned in their sector, is drawing attention for its holistic approach to dispatching and scheduling, or, as they describe it, Tobi Cloud is, Better at Every Turn.

About Allison Wood Ventures: Allison Wood Ventures is a global investment firm with a culture of innovation and value creation. A wide range of companies has benefited from their startup funding. Tobi Cloud's Non-Emergency Medical Transportation software is transforming the industry with cutting-edge technology and capabilities thanks to Allison Wood Ventures' recent $2 million investment.

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